Fun Test: The Way You Hold Your Pen Could Reveal What Kind of Person You Are

Fun Test: The Way You Hold Your Pen Could Reveal What Kind of Person You Are

Try this test and find out!

When you look closely, a lot of us hold pens in such different ways! Yes, it's true that technology has probably stifled our pen-holding days, but it's cool to note how unique everyone's grip can be. Did you know the way you hold a pen could even tell you a bit about your personality? Let's test it. Pick up a pen and look at your fingers. Where's the pen positioned? Between which fingers? Body language experts read anatomy cues to know more about a person, what they think, what their traits are, etc. This site points out actions like how "hands may also be used to hold items such as pens or cups, which may be used as comfort objects, for example where a person hugs a cup (the cup represents the person, so they are effectively hugging themself). Holding an item with two hands effectively creates a closed position." Interesting no? So what does your pen-holding style say about your personality? Let's find out!

A. Between the thumb and index finger

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You have a keen eye for detail and scrutinize most things. You look out for minor errors and like to be thorough. Even though you are super analytical you also like to let loose and have fun once in a while. There are days where you like to kick back and relax while doing absolutely nothing. You are quirky and have a personality that is both outgoing and laidback but also a bit critical.  Friends appreciate your honesty and your outgoing personality.

B. Between middle and index fingers

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If you're someone who holds a pen between the index and middle finger, you prefer a drama-free life. You don't have time to hold on to grudges. ‘Forgive, forget and move one…’  that's your motto. You love your social life but you're not seeking a spectacle or show. You want to engage, and live in the goodness of each moment and live life to the fullest. You let bygones be bygones because you don't have the time for that kind of negativity in your life. You do not like carrying baggage or burdens. You move on, feeling lighter and freer!

C. Thumb overlapping/covering fingers

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When the thumb overlaps the index finger, it says the personality trait amongst these people involves high amounts of creativity. But this comes with the price of being super critical of your own work. Despite your immense talent that many people speak highly of and appreciate, you are super focused on trying to find small flaws no one else would really notice. You are also an over-thinker, you tend to over-analyze situations and come to conclusions that might make you anxious. You want everything to go perfectly. You tend to be overly sensitive to what others think and need people around you who support you no matter what. Remember you have a warm heart and people love you for it. Don't take life and yourself so seriously. 

D. Between index finger and thumb

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When you hold a pen between the thumb and index finger, your personality might imply that you're a bit of a curious cat. You look at the world with keen interest and wide eyes. You love learning new things and are open to new experiences. Strangely, you're not as open when it comes to expressing your emotions. You rather keep that part of you, private. You tend to suffer in silence when you are hurt. You are an extrovert and like socializing and you want to keep up with that image of being a free soul who doesn't want to trouble others with their burdens. But don't forget, we all could use a little help now and then and there's no shame in that!

What pen-holding type personality do you have?

Disclaimer : This article is for your entertainment / infotainment purposes.

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