This Ridiculous Swimsuit Has Been Turning Heads And People Are Confused

This Ridiculous Swimsuit Has Been Turning Heads And People Are Confused

The Internet had some strong reactions to the weird one-piece.

A woman was left clueless after seeing an almost unwearable design of a swimsuit which she shared on Twitter. People have enough to deal with when it comes to impossible standards for different body shape and size expectations. So brands need to be more inclusive right? One swimwear brand seemed to have gone in another direction creating a design that possibly no body could wear. The ridiculous bathing suit left everyone confused as to how it would look on an actual person. The high-cut bikini was cut so high that it looks like the sides would reach up to one's underarms. user @alanna. asked: what is my body supposed to look like......................... 



Twitter users were quick to answer with some hilarious memes, photo-edits, and comments. Check out the reactions below!









To some people, the image seemed strangely familiar to things they've seen on screen before.





Even the official Looney Tunes Twitter handle chimed in!



One person decided to show how a realistic body would look like in it.





Most people were concerned about how much of their vulva they would be displaying.



Another person seemed to have found the swimsuit actually being worn by a model! However many agreed that it looked pretty darn painful. An evil act of terror to one's crotch in fact.  We're wondering if anyone could actually swim in the thing let alone walk or stand! Would you ever wear such a painful looking swimsuit? At least to most people on the internet, the high riding bathing suit was ridiculous.








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