People Are Just Realizing Toasters Have Crumb Trays And Everyone Is Shocked

People Are Just Realizing Toasters Have Crumb Trays And Everyone Is Shocked

The video went viral on TikTok and sent fellow users to explore the secret compartment in their toasters.

We've all used a toaster for most of our lives—never once batting an eye about the crumbs or broken-off pieces of bread that may have become lodged at the bottom of the toaster. That's probably because most never thought the crumbs amounted to much as people went about their day. Either way, the question still remains: where do the crumbs actually go? Well, that's why we have TikTok. According to a now-viral video shared by user Amybails, there's actually a secret compartment that houses all the crumbs that fall off the slice every time you use the toaster.  This secret has blown the minds of thousands of people on the platform, who are now sharing videos of burnt, crumbly, and dusty bits of bread hidden under their toasters, PopSugar reports.



In her ten-second video, Amy was shocked with her interesting find and said she had used the toaster for over ten years but never knew such a compartment existed. Soon the clip sent hundreds of other TikTokkers scurrying to try the latest hack on their carb-toasting equipment --and to their shock, the compartment did exist.  So, where exactly can you find this hidden tray of charred goodies? Here's where. Look on the backside of your toaster, around where the plug is. You will spot a closed enclosure held together with a latch or a lip that can be pulled out like a drawer. Now grab the latch, and et voila, you can now pull out the tiny drawer that has been amassing all the crumbs you have been using for years. Although this seems like the most basic hacks, it's comical to know that most people aren't obsessed or dedicated enough to look through every tiny corner of their toaster. 



The layout may not be the same for all toasters, though, as brands come up with their own designs, but in general, the principle is the same -- just about all of them will have the tiny tray that will gobble up the crumbs. This latest video isn't the first and won't certainly be the last one to teach us an everyday hack. In yet "revolutionary" video we'd reported on last year, a US-based TikTokker Brittnaenae shared a small clip showing us how to fill ice cubes the right way. In the video, she poured water onto flat spots on the tray that separate the grooves instead of directly pouring water into the ice cube holes. This allows the water to trickle gently into the four surrounding sections without splashing or overflowing, Daily Mail reported.



"Am I just dumb? Or did nobody else know this either? These little flat spots on ice cube trays are where you're supposed to fill the water," she said in the video, which has since been viewed over 4.7 million times. She goes on to shows her followers how she's been filling the tray "her whole life"  by letting water pour directly into the bottom of the grooves which causes it to splash all over. Users who watched the video were left in awe of the new technique. One user wrote: "I was today years old when I learned this. She thought the flat sections were designed to help you remove the cubes when frozen." She continued: "Not in all my 40 years did I know this. What the hell!" Another commented: "Hold it at an angle pointing downwards and fill it from the top, then it's like a water fall and fills up in like five seconds. Very few people said that they were already aware of this neat trick." A third shared: "I've been doing this forever, my mum taught me."



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