Viral Pineapple Hack Of Someone Pulling Perfect Chunks Send Twitter In A Tizzy

Viral Pineapple Hack Of Someone Pulling Perfect Chunks Send Twitter In A Tizzy

Is this the "right" way to eat a pineapple?

Most of us probably peel a pineapple's skin before digging into the flesh right? The task feels tedious so many of us even prefer pre-chopped or canned pineapple to avoid the  mess. But there seems to be a seemingly easier way to get to the chunks and it all started with a TikTok video showing a person eating a pineapple β€” with very loud, annoying chewing sounds β€” by ripping off individual pieces of the fruit, reports Buzzfeed News.  The video then made its way to Twitter, where it got a lot of people talking




The video is currently unavailable but it showed how you can peel chunks out in sections because of the way the fruit grows. Some people pointed out that pineapples are actually made up of a bunch of berries fused together. So how do you make the cut? Twitter users pointed out that if the fruit isn't the right stage of ripeness, then the outer berries may come loose or the flesh of the fruit could be too soft to break cleanly. They also wondered if how far down you made the initial cut made a difference.





For some people this "easy" hack didn't seem so easy.












But some fruit lovers were able to catch on to the trick from the start.









And others just though it wasn't worth the effort.



Claire Lower from Life Hacker writes: I suspect that this is easier to do with a super ripe pineapple, but that also ignores the fact that is a messy way to eat this juicy fruit, and the fact that it takes β€œfinessing” means it is not an easier, simpler, or more streamlined way to do things. It’s also not great for sharing, nor would it be a good way to serve it to a group of people. Several hands of unknown levels of cleanliness reaching into and pulling apart a pineapple, one segment at a time is unhygienic, inefficient, and ridiculous, especially when you consider that we are the only species with knives. Therefore, it is my professional opinion that this is not a good hack but is, in fact, wack.

What do you'll think?


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