Texas Teacher Refuses To Give Homework To Her Students And Has Amazing Reasons For It

Texas Teacher Refuses To Give Homework To Her Students And Has Amazing Reasons For It

In a viral TikTok video, she said: "Most of my students are high schoolers. They have jobs, they have FFA, they have sport... they have responsibilities outside of school."

Homeworks are as old as the school system itself with practically every teacher from every school district across the country handing out assignments for their students at the end of their class. At least that's one of the most popularly held beliefs entrenched within our education system, anyway. This Texas teacher begs to differ. She is throwing conventions out the door and setting her own standards, which to everybody's surprise, has begun to catch on pretty rapidly, reports Good Morning America.



Courtney White is a high school teacher at Alvarado High School in Alvarado, Texas, who's getting a lot of attention lately because she firmly believes homework is passé and is refusing to dole them out to her students. Her decision goes against the grain compared to a vast majority of the teaching community which typically relies on homework to impart knowledge to kids. White, however, has an interesting take to back her thought process up, one that is taking into account the stress students need to contend with in their day to day life. "There's no proof that homework is going to make them better students in my class," she tells GMA. "I respect their time outside of class, they work hard for me all day, they don't need to go home and do more homework."




White shared her views on a now-viral video on TikTok. The video has received over four million views so far. "Most of my students are high schoolers. They have jobs, they have FFA, they have sports, they're in practice, they're in band, they have other responsibilities outside of school." It is here she broaches the key aspect of childhood and says they don't have the time to be kids if they are forced to do homework for hours on end every day. "Some of them are going home and taking care of their younger siblings because their parents are at work. Some of them just need to go home and sleep," she continues. "Some of them have to go home and worry about how they're going to eat because there's no food at their house. So, if I also give them hours of homework, when do they have time to be kids? When do they have time to relax? Because when you get off of work, you want to go home and relax."




The Texan, who's currently in her fourth year of teaching, says she's more bothered about building a connection with students in the classroom rather than dumping homework on them to be done later. Her policy is to get them to do classwork, and it seems to have worked wonders because if they don't finish in class, they will inadvertently have to take it back home for later. "I know homework can be essential for some classes, and you just can't get around not assigning it," she tells the outlet. "So, I totally understand the point of homework. But for me personally, I just like to have a little more leniency and letting them know like, it's okay to be human and go home and sleep."




That's not all White does; she even gets her students to fill out a Google form every Monday to do a "mental health check-in". "It's just a mental health check-in,” she adds. "Lets me know if there's anything I can do to make their lives easier." The key driver behind her unique approach is the understanding that kids cannot magically perform better if they aren't in a good headspace. She justifies: "If I could just take like a small portion of the stress away from them by not assigning extra assignments, then give them the little extra love that they need in class, then maybe I can reach them better and teach them more than them staying up all night to complete homework that I could easily help them with in class."



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