Sunflower Christmas Trees Are The Latest Holiday Trend And We Love It

Sunflower Christmas Trees Are The Latest Holiday Trend And We Love It

A sunflower Christmas tree is the combination of the best of summer and winter and it's absolutely beautiful.

The temperature is quietly dropping and we can feel Christmas inching closer towards us with every passing day. After the year we've had with the pandemic, we can't wait for the festive cheer to wash all over us. If like us, you have been making elaborate plans for Christmas, we suggest you look at Sunflower Christmas trees — the latest Christmas trend that's bowling over the internet. We know it's not normal to see sunflowers on a Christmas tree and it's not traditional either but one look at an image of a tree with sunflowers and you will see the appeal of this trend. We can assure you, it's just as beautiful, warm, and fun as you can picture it in your head. It also serves up a crossover of items representing summer and winter and it just works so beautifully that everyone's getting into it. 




Instagram is a place flooded with ideas and it's here that the latest trend caught on. The bright yellow flowers pop out when set against the green of the Christmas trees and fills you with memories of happiness and fun! Once you finish installing the lights, the glow on the sunflower Christmas tree is quite something. It has a surreal and magical look. Not to worry, we don't have to do away with the traditional ornaments. You can decorate the Christmas trees with ornaments and tree garlands to give it the Christmasy feel. After all, that is what evokes joy in every kid.




If you prefer a more minimal look, you can opt for just lights to complement and enhance the sunflower-laden Christmas tree. Christmas trees have really evolved from the traditional green trees with the trademark ornaments and garlands. People are willing to experiment with their decorations and we have even seen Black and Pink Christmas trees catch on.


The sunflower Christmas trend was started by a girl named Aliyah who posted an image of her Christmas tree filled with sunflowers on Twitter and the internet just went wild. The image was shared on Instagram and suddenly you had a whole of people sharing images of sunflower Christmas trees. Aliyah posted the image of her tree decorated with sunflowers, gold ornaments, and a rustic garland on Instagram and wrote, "I’m aliyah and some people know me as the sunflower Christmas tree girl from Twitter and let me just say that the internet is INSANE. This silly picture of my tree has made its way around the world, and I have been swamped with messages of love and approval". She also offered to decorate trees for others. "Thank you, and Merry Christmas from me and my sunflowers. Also yes, you can hire me to decorate your tree, I’m a college kid and money is always a yes," she concluded cheekily, followed by a hashtag #sunflowerchristmastree. She also shared a tutorial for those interested!



Instagram users absolutely loved her tree and posted heartwarming comments on her post. One user wrote: The most perfect Christmas tree ever! I’m obsessed. Another wrote: I'm a gardener and I love this tree. So fun!!! Aliyah also explained how she got the sunflowers to stay on the Christmas trees for those planning to replicate her tree or even improvise their own tree using sunflowers. Aliyah said she used sunflowers with long stems to make sure they held firmly in their place on the tree. Using artificial sunflowers is the obvious answer, given that a real sunflower might not last beyond 2-3 days and is likely to lose its sheen and freshness soon. So what are you waiting for? With Christmas around the corner, introduce a little summer joy into the winter festivities this year and surprise your loved ones! 



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