Black Magic Petunias Are Stunning And Give Your Garden An Edgy, Goth-Like Look

Black Magic Petunias Are Stunning And Give Your Garden An Edgy, Goth-Like Look

Black magic petunias also known as Black Velvet are easy to maintain

Flowers always add a pop of color to your garden, but how about you take it up a notch, and be the talk of the town. Petunias in particular are known for their delicate looks and come in hues of pink, purple, white, orange, and blue. However, there is one hybrid called the Black Magic Petunias. These flowers are an unusual shade but can give your garden an edgier and goth-like look. According to Dave's Garden, not a whole lot of people know of these dark petunias except for avid gardeners. They were first seen in the gardening scene in 2010 when they were referred to as the "Black Velvet," and their appearance at the Greenhouse Grower's Association Evening of Excellence earned them their share of the limelight. In addition, they won two awards for Industry's Choice and Reader's Choice.







As per the gardening site, these delightful flowers have an accompanying slogan that goes with them which is called "Black goes with everything!" And you can quickly spot that it is indeed the truth. To begin with, you can pair them with bright flowers and make them stand out. As such petunias are easy to maintain. Gardening Brian notes that you just require non-soggy soil. Depending on where you live, the temperature and atmosphere in the zone play an important role. Therefore, one must water the plant accordingly. Do note, however, that if these petunias are kept in containers they would require more water.





In summer, one or two generous amounts of water will do the trick, but in winters, water the plant mildly. They require direct sunlight for about 6 hours, and indirect sunlight for about 4. Natural or potting soil works well for these petunias.  If the leaves begin to wilt or turn brown, it is a sign of overheating and therefore need to be relocated to a shadier spot, where the sun is not as harsh. The flowers are better accustomed to warmer temperatures with the ideal temperature being 8 to 24 °C (65 to 76 °F) in the day, and at night at 12 to 16 °C (53 to 61 °F). However, they are not frost hardy, thus people living in colder climates need to shift the plants to a warmer location.






According to Tri-City Herald, these black petunias are actually not technically black. They are actually a deep shade of purple when viewed in bright sunlight. But for the most part, in regular light, they are well, indeed, black. However, some gardeners have experienced a peculiarity with these black petunias. They tend to have a yellow stripe running through them. This has been attributed to fluctuating weather conditions. Once the weather has stabilized, the original colors return.






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