Stranger Points Out That Woman's Dog Looks Like Matt Damon, Internet Dubs Him "Mutt" Damon

Stranger Points Out That Woman's Dog Looks Like Matt Damon, Internet Dubs Him "Mutt" Damon

TikTok user Abby Larson's Golden Retriever might just be a celebrity doppelganger!

Human doppelgangers may be rare but how rare are animals who look like humans!? How about animals that look like famous celebrities? We've seen Benedict Cumberbatch-look-alike otters and Adam Driver-look-alike cats but who else is on the list with an animal look-alike? 





Matt Damon apparently! TikTok user, Abby Larson (@ab.larson) posted a video claiming that a stranger at the dog park pointed out that her pup looks just like Matt Damon, and now she can't unsee it. "You know when someone points something out to you that you didn't notice and then you can't unsee it like ever again?" she asked before explaining what happened. "Someone approached me at the dog park today and they told me that my dog looked like Matt Damon... and now I can't unsee it." It seems a lot of people seem to agree! The video has over 1.8m views, along with 320,000 likes and a lot of comments from people who couldn't help but joke around with funny puns such as "Mutt Damon," "good boy hunting" and "Jason Bone." One person said, "You showed us two pics of Matt. Can we see the dog please!" "Or, does Matt Damon look like your dog?" another person asked. A third added, "To be fair Matt has the personality of a golden retriever." "I need more animal/people doppelgängers…" another replied.


Then there were a lot of people who didn't get the hype at all and didn't see any similarities. Local news station WGN News anchors Dan Ponce and Lauren Jiggetts were some of them. In fact, they were left rather confused. "What?" Jiggetts said and laughed in response, while Ponce said, "Come on," before they all unanimously agreed that "it's just a regular golden retriever." Larson later shared the news clip and responded to the interaction, saying, "That awkward moment when a news station reaches out to air your light-hearted viral TikTok and then rudely s***s all over it."


It seems TikTok is absolutely team #MuttDamon on this one with many defending the doggy doppelganger. One person said: "'It’s just a golden retriever' were they expecting Matt Damon’s long-lost twin??? ...because that’s what they got." "Whatever..your dog looks like Matt Damon," another person wrote with a third adding, "This was so catty," with a laughing emoji.

Do you see any similarities or is Mutt Damon just a cute ol' golden retriever that has no resemblances to any celebrity?


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