Upscale Restaurant Imposes $100 Minimum Dining Policy And Strict Dress Code For Customers

Upscale Restaurant Imposes $100 Minimum Dining Policy And Strict Dress Code For Customers

In addition, they also have a strict dress code that customers have to adhere to if they want to dine here.

A restaurant in the US has ruffled feathers online because of its minimum spending policy and dress code requirement. Steak 48 has outlets in Chicago, Philadelphia, Houston, and Charlotte. But the policy for customers to spend a minimum of $100 is only at its first two outlets, while the dress code is applicable to all four locations.

On their website, they said the amount was on both food and beverage combined and did not include "tax or tip." As far as reasons for bringing about this rule, they said it was to "ensure that each guest enjoys the total experience of food, service, and atmosphere." The eatery which describes itself as an "upscale" boasts of the "finest steaks and high-quality seafood" and an "in-house butcher shop." But, clearly, people were not impressed. Steak 48 came under heavy criticism by people online for such exclusionary practices which people noted reeked of discrimination.



Twitter user BoyForida wrote: I’ve never heard of Steak 48 until today. And even though I could afford it, you will never see me at Steak 48 or ANY restaurant that requires I spend at least $100 on my meal BEFORE tax & tip is figured in. The pretentiousness is rather disgusting. Efrain Herrera added on Facebook: another rip off restaurant, i cook better steaks at home, for that price i can make 10 meals with rice beans,salad, potato, avocado homemade mexican sauce, etc and a delicious horchata. Nicole Barrett Baratta said the restaurant might go bust considering it had just come out of a period without business due to the pandemic. She wrote: Hell, No! Then when they don’t have a lot of business they might have to close up. And go under all due to their money-hungry demands.





Brenda Bullard-Macklin echoed a similar sentiment noting: They are seriously trying to get the money back that they lost during the pandemic!! I’m sure someone will pay it, but not me. But there were some who came to the restaurant's defense. Bill Denis said such rates were not at all uncommon for high-end restaurants. He wrote: It's not that crazy to spend 100 each at these kinds of steakhouses. 50 dollar steaks, drinks, a salad, an app, sides. Yall just want to be outraged about everything. These spots are a once or twice a year place. Others speculated that the restaurant in all probability was fed with customers who ordered food for a few dollars and that it was mostly for Instagram clout. Blaque Lefleur wrote: I don’t blame Steak 48 AT ALL! They tired of ppl frontin for the Gram checkin in and only ordering a side, or one drink for pictures. The food is GOOD and ur gonna spend that anyway if you’re truly going there to eat and drink. Not mad at em 😂😂🤣🤣



Steep prices aside, people were not pleased with the specific dress code policy that the restaurant had enforced  According to their website it had a laundry list of dos and don'ts. For instance the restaurant stated: "In order to maintain an enjoyable environment for all of our guests, including children of all ages, and in keeping with our business casual dress code, please see the items that are prohibited as part of our dress code." These include: "Sweat suits or workout attire which includes: running/ gym shorts, sports bras, heavy-weighted, hooded sweatshirts, or yoga/workout pants; Men’s tank tops or sleeveless shirts; Any clothing that is excessively revealing and shows an overly bare midriff or excessive cleavage; Excessively frayed or torn clothing; Clothing emitting offensive odors such as excessive perfume, cologne, tobacco, and or marijuana odors among others." 





When asked about the $100 policy, the restaurant said in a statement: "Like many restaurants in our industry, we’ve had to make some updates to our policies, like the $100 per person minimum in an effort to support our staff and restaurant’s operations, and provide the ability to be successful as a steakhouse designed for the full sit-down experience."

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