Priest Warns That Watching Horror Movies Could Open The Door For 'Demonic Possession'

Priest Warns That Watching Horror Movies Could Open The Door For 'Demonic Possession'

Father Ronnie E. Ablong's had a strong stance on "horror" movies including 'Twilight.'

Fans of horror flicks might be disappointed to hear that one exorcist priest is claiming that patronizing horror films or films that deal with magic and witchcraft are “dangerous.” Father Ronnie E. Ablong of the Diocese of Dumaguete believes that prolonged exposure to such movies could lead to possible demonic possession, according to Manila Bulletin. In his Facebook post, he mentioned his own experiences with exorcism on how the "demons" in the movies were involved and how one must not mention their names. 

In a detailed post explaining his stance, he wrote: I have been exorcising a young woman for many weeks now. Thirty-nine (39) demons have already been cast out. Five of these demons come from the movies the demoniac had watched. The names of the demons are either the primary or secondary characters of these movies.First, VALAK ,from the movie THE NUN (2018). Second, ESME (CULLEN), from the movie TWILIGHT (2008). Third, SYLVIA GANUSH, from the movie DRAG ME TO HELL(2009). Fourth, DIANA WALTER, from the movie LIGHTS OUT (2016). And fifth, ANNABELLE, from the movie, ANNABELLE (2019).Warning: PLEASE do not mention or pronounce their names because doing so will empower them or you will be harassed. The case is ongoing. I am making this post to warn everyone of the certain danger of patronizing horror films or films that deal with magic and witchcraft.No one is possessed overnight. Possession is the result of opening a lot of doors to the devil. These doors include occultism (divination, necromancy, magic, sorcery/witchcraft, etc.) and living a habitual life of mortal sin.



The post received a lot of support. Dennis Carl Dapal wrote: this is the reason why I don’t want to watch these kind of films... Elke Nombrado Asunto added: Thanks for sharing such scary experiences out of watching horror movies Fr. Ronnie. I'll surely share this to the young ones here. Francis Samson said: This is scary. The demons use several media to enter into the consciousness of a person and possessing the person. As a child, this was one of the punishment I got. Forced to watch horror shows and when I would cry terrified, our cruel Nanny would often laugh. Parents and caregivers, please don't do the same to your children. Thank you for this post. One user by the name of Jacob Miranda seemed pretty confused by a movie in the list which has not been put in the horror genre and asked: Even twilight? 

The 1973 film The Exorcist is perhaps one of the first horror films that shaped how many see demonic possession. While many rationalists have often been skeptical about demonic possession, one man of science believes that the phenomenon is real. Dr. Richard Gallagher is an Ivy League-educated, board-certified psychiatrist who has worked with many exorcists, reports CNN.  "There was one woman who was like 90 pounds soaking wet. She threw a Lutheran deacon who was about 200 pounds across the room," he said. "That's not psychiatry. That's beyond psychiatry." Gallagher who calls himself a "consultant" on demonic possessions has helped clergy distinguish between mental illness and what he calls "the real thing." He's been working on such cases for over 25 years.



Whether people continue to debate if exorcism is real or not, the efficacy of exorcism can have fatal consequences, reports Live Science. An autistic boy in Milwaukee died at just 8 years old during an exorcism by church members who blamed an invading demon for his disability. A 14-year-old boy named Kristy Bamu was beaten and drowned to death by relatives trying to get an evil spirit out of the youngster. And in 2005, a young nun was bound to a cross, gagged, and left for days without food or water by a priest who tried to expel demons. Wouldn't this be more dangerous than just watching horror movies?


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