People Are Now Getting Their Fingers Pierced In Bizarre New Trend

People Are Now Getting Their Fingers Pierced In Bizarre New Trend

This trend seems to be slowly catching on as people would rather pierce their finger than wear engagement rings.

Let's face it! Not everyone is necessarily a fan of wearing an engagement or wedding ring. Perhaps they are scared of losing a precious ring, or they are scared of the ring getting stuck forever and they may need to have the ring cut off, or they simply don't like the idea of the ring slipping off every time they are washing their hands. To sidestep this popular tradition, many go the unconventional way and tattoo a band on their ring finger. But this extreme trend has slowly gotten popular on the internet and people are wincing even at the thought of them. We concur too, because, it certainly is not for the faint of heart.



A while ago, a Facebook page called Cultura Colectiva+ shared a video of people getting what is known as dermal piercing which basically means an object is partially embedded in the skin. The video has so far been viewed thousands of times with as many as 16k people sharing their opinion on the bizarre trend. In the clip, we see individuals getting their skin clamped before a metal rod is pushed through the skin folds. Although some choose to go with either a simple bar or stud, others prefer a grander piercing with elaborate designs, while a few even had their wedding rings embedded into their skin. According to Metro, this type of piercing involves using a flat plate that sits underneath the skin and a piece of jewellery that will sit on the surface of the skin. You may have seen these types of piercing on someone's chest, but these particular ones are on the fingers. Considering just how unusual the trend is, people were obviously divided.


Elizabeth Vazquez, a user who claimed to have a similar piercing wrote: "I had this done when I was 18 because you know you make the best decisions as a teenager and let me tell you it ripped out very painfully not 2 weeks after getting it. It’s cute, I had a dermal little stud," but added that it was not a "good idea". Another user, Heyy Brittany, claimed that it was such a "cute piercing in theory" but one she had issues with. Speaking from experience, she wrote: "Any time it started to look okay, it would randomly look inflamed and disgusting. I have numerous piercings in pretty much every place imaginable and never had any issues. Except this."' Offering a contrary opinion to rings and piercing in general, Jeremy Alston wrote: "Whole big bucket of NOPE! I typically don't wear jewellery because it's not my preference and in the majority of jobs that I've had, rings are a safety hazard anyway." Sandra Tirone threw shade on the trend and wrote: "Not of fan of piercings in general and I don't get why a piercing like that would be better than wearing a ring."


While dermal piercings may seem like a great idea for many, medical professionals claim that they are dangerous. Dr Lisa Kellett, medical director and founder of DLK on Avenue, told GlobalNews: "There are digital nerves and arteries that supply the finger, and if you were to pierce through them it would be a big problem. You could get a hematoma and lose blood supply to the finger. Also, if you hit a nerve, it could cause numbness and problems with movement." 


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