Distressing Photo Shows Veteran, 54, Struggling To Breathe Due To Coronavirus. He Died Later.

Distressing Photo Shows Veteran, 54, Struggling To Breathe Due To Coronavirus. He Died Later.

Michael Wright's condition was reportedly "improving" but unfortunately, he passed away on December 8.

Towards the end of last month, a harrowing picture of a veteran with COVID-19 struggling to breathe had surfaced. It was Michael Wright who was seen lying on his stomach in an attempt to improve his breathing and increase his lung capacity. On November 22, the Star Tribune reported that Wright's condition was "improving" but unfortunately, he recently passed away in a Minnesota hospital. This heartbreaking announcement was made by the veteran's family through a GoFundMe page which was set up to help with Wright's medical expenses.


My name is Miranda Carlson, I’m an RN living in Bemidji, MN. My mom, Lynn Wright, and my bonus dad, Michael Wright, live in Cottage Grove, MN. Although my mom was hesitant of a gofundme being started for them, I had told her that it is their turn to accept people wanting to help them in their time of need, many have asked what they can do. My mom and Mike are extremely giving people, and are always a support for others when they need it, read the page

Image Source: GoFundMe

Wright's daughter Miranda revealed through the fundraising page that the "Veteran, husband, son, father, bonus father, and grandfather" was admitted to the Regions Hospital in St. Paul on November 10 before being diagnosed with COVID-19. She explained that he had a "history of chronic bronchitis" which resulted in him being at a higher risk of contracting the coronavirus and developing severe symptoms. Eventually, he developed pneumonia and his organs began failing, and on December 8, he tragically died.   


Following his death, his family was not only left grieving the loss but was also worried about the mounting hospital expenses they weren't prepared for. "This pain is unlike anything my mom has ever felt. On top of grieving a pain so incredibly raw, she faces worries about the expenses that she will now face on her own. Michael was only 54 and my mom only 48, they never planned for this, they planned a long & beautiful life together," it continued reading. "Any little bit helps. If you can help - it will be appreciated more than you could ever know. We appreciate everyone’s thoughts and prayers during this incredibly difficult time for our family." Thanks to the contribution of many, the page had raised $33,124 of it's $35,000 goal.


CNN's Jake Tapper too shared the image on Twitter writing: One of the difficulties in conveying how horrible this pandemic is continues to be the inability to consistently do so visually. As for the photographer who clicked the image, Leila Navidi wrote: For those who remember my photo of Michael Wright struggling to breathe in the ICU last month, an update: He tragically lost his battle with COVID earlier this week. I hope that Michael's photo saved lives. If you would like to help out his family.


In Minnesota, the death toll has crossed the 4,400 mark on Sunday as state health officials reported more than 80 new patients falling ill due to coronavirus. Among the people who have died, about two-thirds of them were living in assisted living, or in long-term care facilities and most of them had underlying health issues that ultimately led to the deadly outcome. As the number of new cases continues increasing every day, so does the death toll. Currently, a second wave of coronavirus cases and hospitalizations are being anticipated by the officials in Minnesota due to the Thanksgiving holiday celebrations, according to Minnesota Public Radio News

Click here if you wish to donate and help the family. 

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