This Woman Is Addicted To Eating Her Dead Husband's Ashes: "It's Like An Adrenaline Rush For Me"

This Woman Is Addicted To Eating Her Dead Husband's Ashes: "It's Like An Adrenaline Rush For Me"

26-year-old Casie woman claimed that she could not help but eat her dead husband's ashes.

Losing a loved one is never easy and while life seems banal and cruel after their death, one has to keep moving forward. Finding a healthy way to deal with that grief often helps with this process. Everyone has their unique of processing the unimaginable loss but a method that one woman has come up with is remarkably unusual. It is something that you may have never heard of. A 26-year-old woman claimed that she could not help but eat her dead husband's ashes.


Casie met Sean in 2009. The pair immediately hit it off and tied the knot within 10 months of knowing each other. Unfortunately, she could not spend much time together with him as he tragically died following a lethal asthma attack. But after losing him, she decided to keep his remains close no matter where she went. "I take my husband everywhere, to the grocery store, shopping, to the movies, out to eat, anywhere I go he goes," she revealed during an interview on TLC's show My Strange Addiction.


While carrying an urn everywhere or even sleeping while hugging it didn't seem that bizarre, the fact that she likes licking his ashes left everyone baffled. Apparently, it started one day when she was transferring his ashes into the urn. During the process, some of it spilled onto Casie's hands but instead of wiping it away, she decided to consume it. "I didn't want to wipe him off, that's my husband I didn't want to wipe him away so I just licked him off my fingers. And here I am today almost two months later and I can't stop, I'm eating my husband," shared Casie in a shocking admission.


According to News18, the woman confessed that she dips her fingers in the urn and licks it off at least five times every day. Human ashes are nowhere near the normal food that we eat and so the woman slowly nibbles on it. She starts by picking some of it on her finger before licking it clean. "I swirl around to get it caked on there good and then I just eat it," she explained. That being said, the widow confessed that she is not very fond of the taste of the ashes which she described as rotten eggs, sand, and sandpaper. But with time she has gotten used to it and said that she has begun liking it now.


"It tastes like rotten eggs, sand and sandpaper. But I have grown to love that taste. What started off as not wanting to get rid of him has now progressed into eating him," she added. Casie also revealed she had lost 19 kilograms (41.8 pounds) in two months as all she eats is her late husband's ashes. Casie noted that she doesn't consume the ashes for the taste but because it gives her a sense of happiness and an adrenaline rush. "When I open up the urn I get a sense of happiness, it's like an adrenaline rush for me and the more I eat the more excited I get until I realize there's not a lot left," she shared of her addiction.

Casie did acknowledge that she needs to stop eating his ashes while adding that her happiness usually turns into guilt and guilt after consuming it. "I have to stop eating him. I have lost him once. This time it will be my fault if I lose him again," she said noting the fact that there's not a lot of his ashes left in the urn now. 

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