MasterChef Contestant Serves Fully Feathered Dead Bird To Judges In Outrageous TV Episode

MasterChef Contestant Serves Fully Feathered Dead Bird To Judges In Outrageous TV Episode

Saray Carrillo was uncomfortable handling birds but had been given a partridge to cook on the show.

A Masterchef Spain contestant has etched her name in the books of the show for a bizarre act of serving a feathered bird while on the show to the judges. Saray Carrillo was asked to make a dish with partridge. She had earlier revealed on the show that she was not comfortable handling birds. Her concerns were not at all taken into account during the show and as an act of 'up yours' to the show and its judges,  she thought it would be best to go out of the show with a bang. And she sure made sure that she caught not only the attention of the judges but also of her fellow contestants as well as people around the world. Carrillo's daring act has gone viral and will also go down in TV history as one of those top outrageous TV moments that went out of hand. 



The dish not only had the unfeathered partridge on a plate. Carillo also made sure that it sat on a bed of cut spring onions and was garnished with cherry tomatoes in a total act of disrespect for the judges. When her turn came to present her dish, there was a slight smirk as she carried the dish on her left palm and then put it down for the judges' scrutiny. Contestants were aghast as many of them could not believe what she had just served. Many covered their mouths in total shock. The judges were also not able to comprehend what was going for a few moments and the audacity of Carrillo's act. 



One of the judges said in Spanish, "This is never seen in MasterChef." The judges also declared ruthlessly that her getting into the show was a ‘mistake’. Carrillo was immediately booted out of the show but she seemed less than bothered and removed her apron and said a nonchalant 'bye-bye' as she shrugged her shoulders like she did not care what the judges thought or did. To be fair to the judges, however, Carrillo had been less than a pleasant contest who did not take criticisms in her stride and work to make her craft better. She had faced some harsh criticisms of her dishes and her cooking even prior to her daring act.



Contestants are given a set of tasks with a limited or a specific number of resources. Cooking up something with your best of abilities and with the items given is the main premise of the entire show. The judges then announce who among the contestants have best performed the task best and cooked up the most delicious dish with the same. The tasks given to the contestant of the Spanish version of the show was no different. But handling birds was not one of Carrillo's forte. She could have made this known in a polite manner by just going out of the show or making the judges know her position and view about this particular task. Instead, she chose to vent it out in a manner that took everyone by surprise.  



There were some hilarious reactions online to the bizarre episode. Some, like Daniel G, wondered: Imagine if they started eating it with feathers in their mouths. Others, like KJR30Done@BassetLad, wrote sarcastically how she would have won the contest if she had cooked the bird a bit: You’re nearly there... a little bit more cooking and you would have smashed it

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