Little Boy Stuns LMPD Officer By Asking If He Can Pray For Her

Little Boy Stuns LMPD Officer By Asking If He Can Pray For Her

Officer Jan Dykes was on a morning patrol when she was stopped by a boy asking her for a simple favor.

Officer Jan Dykes was just completing her morning patrol when a little boy stopped her in her tracks and put forth an unusual request. ”He stopped me and was like, ‘Hey, before you leave, would mind if I prayed with you for your day and my day going to school?'” Dykes said.

Dykes, an officer of the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD), was pleasantly surprised when he stopped her on the road. “It was great,” she said, as per WTVM. It was a special connection between a cop and a child brought on by a spontaneous moment. 


“He said, ‘I want to pray for this officer's safety. I made a new friend. I really hope her day goes great, and hopefully she makes a lot of lives better and going to school and meeting new people.’ It was really great to think this kid had this much excitement,” Dykes recounted, talking about her experience with the boy. 

She doesn’t know his address or his name but she was extremely touched by the gesture and wanted him to know how much it meant to her. Officer Dykes even tried to find him by the end of the school day but didn’t have much luck. 


Praising the little kid, she said, “It brought a lot of joy to me for him to want to do that for me. Often times people are thinking, ‘How can you go and help them?’ and it's just nice to see he wanted to do that for me." She continued, “It made me happy and see someone so young and moldable and being so positive and wanting to be that light.”

The police department posted an image on their Instagram, showing the kid praying with the officer. It was captioned, “On patrol in the First Division, Officer Dykes takes time to visit kids before school. This fella asked her to pray for him, a moment to keep in her heart forever. #LMPD #CommunityPolicing #PowerOfPrayer #YouAreOurFuture” In the image, Dykes can be seen crouched on one knee, one hand above her own heart and the other over the shoulder of the little guy. 


In a similar story from a few years ago, a girl in a restaurant stopped by a bunch of officers at a table and asked if she could pray with them, reported Inside Edition. The incident took place in San Antonio, Texas in 2017. Eight-year-old Paige Vazquez wanted to offer the officers a blessing. They were moved by the act of kindness because they were still mourning the loss of a fellow officer, Miguel Moreno, who was killed in the line of duty last month.


Vazquez said, “I always pray for people because police officers because I know they have a rough time sometimes. And sometimes a little prayer can make someone’s day. So I decided to do that just in case they had a rough day.” They were quite taken aback by the little girl asking them to pray so suddenly. “I guess they were surprised and confused at the same time,” little Vazquez remarks. Vazquez's mother, Kat Garcia, also spoke about how the mother of one of the officers present at the table messaged her on Facebook, saying that her son was really moved by what Paige said and he couldn’t get over it. Never shying away from praying for someone, Vazquez added that “it might just be exactly what they needed at that moment.”

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