Jennifer Coolidge Says She Slept With 200 People Thanks To ‘American Pie’

Jennifer Coolidge Says She Slept With 200 People Thanks To ‘American Pie’

"Ten years of my life of auditioning,none of it added up to a job. The fear is gone when you're so used to losing. There's some freedom in that." said the actress.

American Pie star Jennifer Coolidge confessed that she did not just get success but a lot of action after her iconic role as Stifler’s mom, Jeanine, in American Pie.

Jennifer was in talks with Variety, where she confessed she slept with “200 people” after the 1999 comedy film was released. “There were so many benefits to doing that movie. I mean, there would be like 200 people that I would never have slept with.”



While portraying the Stifler family, her character tries to seduce her teenage son’s classmate, Paul Finch (played by Eddie Kay Thomas), in every way. During the film, she had sex with Finch, much to the horror of her son and the duo continued to have more flings, earning her a reputation as “MILF.” The hit comedy—which featured a cast that included Jason Biggs, Shannon Elizabeth, Chris Klein, Allison Hannigan, and Eugene Levy—arrived in theaters in 1999 and grossed more than $235 million worldwide, according to Box Office Mojo.



Jennifer not only gained a reputation through that role but also overnight success. All this led to her returning for sequels including American Pie 2, American Wedding, and American Reunion; as well as The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy, Legally Blonde, A Cinderella Story, and a small role in Friends

In the interview, she mentioned her struggle in the industry before her role in American Pie. She told that she did n number of auditions and faced rejections for almost a decade. All these instances made her fearless because she felt she had nothing to lose. "Ten years of my life of auditioning, none of it added up to a job. The fear is gone when you're so used to losing. There's some freedom in that," said Jennifer.



The actress also brought up her Emmy-winning role as Tanya McQuoid in White Lotus.  She admitted that she almost turned down the part of Tanya in The White Lotus, even though it was written for her. “I didn’t like the way I looked,” she said after being honest about putting on weight during COVID-19. She mentioned that she had no idea that the show would be such a big hit while they were on the way of filming it. 'The greatest thing was that no one knew if it was going to be anything!' said the star. "But she as thrilled she got so much screen time: 'I feel like the coach asked the other actors to let me dribble the ball more. Give the ball to Jennifer once in a while. I get to shoot now," she added.



During her discussion, she gushed about how The White Lotus has played a significant part in her life. 'I have done one thing really right in my life,' she said. "I've picked great friends. If Mike [White] was never successful, and we just did White Lotus as a play in a little theater where everyone paid 10 bucks to see it, it would still be one of the greatest things that ever happened to me. Because it was a killer job that no one else thought I could do. Whatever Mike White did for me, I would wish that for every actor," Coolidge added. "Even if they fail. We all want a challenge - something really scary that we might not be able to succeed at. I think we all want that opportunity."



And now she has her confidence back after years of blaming herself for her choices. "The saddest thing about life is that you just make decisions about yourself,' she noted. 'If I'm not getting great roles, I come to the conclusion that people think I'm incapable of that. And then I make the decision that I am incapable of that. You actually have to have a Mike White that comes in and says, 'I think you can do this."

Now she is being chased for projects "People that I could never get in the door - all of a sudden they're asking me to be part of their things," she shared. 

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