Jason Momoa Surprises Flight Passengers By Serving Them Drinks: 'A Dream Come True'

Jason Momoa Surprises Flight Passengers By Serving Them Drinks: 'A Dream Come True'

During a Hawaiian Airlines flight, actor Jason Momoa served bottles of Mananalu, his newly launched brand of purified drinking water, for the first time.

Actor Jason Momoa, most famous for his role in the movie Aquaman, surprised passengers on a Hawaiian Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Hawaii earlier this week. He handed unsuspecting travelers aluminum bottles of Mananalu, his newly launched brand of purified drinking water. For every bottle of Mananalu someone drinks, the company removes the equivalent of one planet-hurting plastic bottle from ocean-going waste. The incident went viral online when TikTok user Livinglikekylee posted a video their aunt recorded of Momoa making his way down the plane's aisle. The TikTok video was captioned, "When Jason Momoa is your flight attendant," PEOPLE Magazine reports.


The actor celebrated the special occasion as well by uploading his own video footage to his Instagram profile. "Bright and early," he states in the short clip as he heads toward his Hawaiian Airlines flight. "It should be a good day. I am going home to Hawaii with the babies, and we are doing something really cool, very cool, something like how it all started." The "babies" Momoa was referring to are his daughter Lola Iolani, aged 14, and son Nakoa-Wolf, aged 13. As the flight taxis, viewers see the Game of Thrones actor in the plane's kitchenette, about to serve his fellow passengers.


Pointing to bottles of Mananalu, he says, "There it is. It has been a dream come true. Because this is how it all started. This is my first time being able to finally do this." He explains that the idea to produce aluminum bottles of water first came to him as he sat on a plane and saw passengers drink from single-use plastic bottles. At the time, he asked himself why water could not be supplied in aluminum packaging, just like beer or soda. Momoa then quickly puts on a blazer and accessorizes with a flower in his hair before heading off to serve the travelers on the flight.


In the caption, the actor further described his goal with regard to Mananalu. "I am grateful for your support and it is an honor to have Hawaiian Airlines be the first airline to partner with Mananalu," he wrote. "We are on a mission to end single-use plastic. Drink one, remove one. For every bottle of Mananalu sold, we remove one plastic bottle from the ocean. We have removed 3 MILLION plastic bottles from the ocean this year. Do not stop making waves to save our beautiful planet. Aloha." According to environmentalists, plastic bottles are one of the most common finds in waste and debris collected in the ocean. Therefore, Momoa's Mananalu has the potential to change how packaged water companies supply their bottles. Mananalu water is sustainably sourced to minimize its carbon footprint and is triple filtered using reverse osmosis. The bottles are made of 69 percent recycled aluminum. You can learn more about the company here.


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