You Can Now Wrap A Gift Without Using Wrapping Paper And Tape For The Holidays

You Can Now Wrap A Gift Without Using Wrapping Paper And Tape For The Holidays

These gift-wrapping hacks will come in handy when your run out of tape and paper

The festive season is finally here! Christmas is a time for joy and giving. And speaking of giving, it's also time for presents! Some of us enjoy giving gifts as much as we love receiving them. But as we all know that gifts need to be wrapped, and sometimes we can run out of the supplies that aid in the gift-wrapping process. But what if we told you that you don't require tape or even gift-wrapping paper to seal the gift? Surprised? Don't be. Good Morning America has put together a few handy tips to make wrapping easier: even without tape, paper, or a box!

Here's how to wrap without tape:

Step 1: Measure around the gift, then cut accordingly

Step 2: Cut wrapping paper into a square


Step 3: Fold the top flap over the gift (A small tip to consider for smoother edges is to make creases with your fingers)  

Step 4: Fold over the next two flaps on either side of the gift

Step 5: Pull the final flap over the gift and tuck it in the little pocket that's created, and voila you're done!


Here's how to wrap without wrapping paper:

Step 1: Measure around the gift
Step 2: Fold the first side over it, then tape


Step 3: Fold the other side over then gift, then tape
Step 4: Fold the insides of the gift, and tape

Step 5: Cut out a piece of white paper for a name tag. You're done! Wasn't that easy-breezy?


Here's how to wrap (clothes) without a box:

Step 1: Measure around the gift, then cut accordingly 
Step 2: Remove the gift
Step 3: Then fold the edge of the wrapping paper over. After that is done, flip the wrapping paper and fold it back once more


Step 4: Repeat twice. You do this so that you can get a cool design down the middle of the gift.

Step 5: Now take your gift and put it in, tape the wrapping paper over it


Step 6: Fold the sides backward then forward. This too will give a neat-looking design on the side.  

And you're good to go! With these super easy, quick tips, you can enjoy this season of giving, stress-free!


According to The Sun, professional gift wrapper Jodie Mosaid shared some other tips on gift-wrapping as well. For this, you'll need gift wrap, tissue paper, sharp scissors or a paper cutter, sticky tape (preferably double-sided), decorations, tags, and ribbons.

If you want to gift-wrap perfume, make-up, culinary and cosmetic, and lotions, here's what you should do:

1. Put the gift on its side and measure the paper such that the long edge fold meets exactly in the middle.
2. Allow around four inches on the shorter edges.
3. Now at the bottom end, fold paper inwards on the smaller sides into triangles.
4. Then fold the long edge inwards, creasing sharply. Keep it secure with tape.
5. You can close the pump end with traditional corners at the edges and folding the paper down. Stick with tape.

Wine bottle gift wrapping:

1. Place the bottle close to the long edge of the paper and rotate three times to determine how much paper is needed.
2. Allow around three inches of clearance at both the top and bottom of the bottle. Cut paper to size.
3. Then make a small fold along the long edge and apply double-sided tape.
4. Now starting from the opposite side, roll up the bottle. Secure it with tape.
5. Firmly press down the paper at the base of the bottle into evenly sized "cake slice" shaped pleats. Secure with tape.
6. Put the bottle upright. Pinch down top edges into triangles, fold over and secure.

Happy wrapping!

Image Source: Getty Images/ DusanManic

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