Truck Crashes Into 12-Year-Old Girls Who Were On A Walk After A Sleepover, One Of Them Died

Truck Crashes Into 12-Year-Old Girls Who Were On A Walk After A Sleepover, One Of Them Died

Immaculee Goldade was pronounced dead at the scene.

Immaculee Goldade and her friend Kathleen Olson, also 12, were having a sleepover when a truck ran into them and sped away. Goldade was pronounced dead at the scene while Olson survived with serious injuries.The two girls were struck by a white flatbed pickup while walking along a street in Midland, according to the Pierce County Sheriff's Office. Now, their families are searching for answers and hoping the person who hurt their children will turn themselves in. Currently, authorities have found the damaged truck at a gas station, and have a person of interest in the case. The authorities tweeted that the fatal hit and run crash took place in Midland on 104th St E near 24th Ave E.



John Goldade believes that his daughter's death was no accident. "This was somebody who veered into them and literally into the very large ditch which my daughter's body was lying in for a couple hours," Goldade said to FOX 13. "The two were very close friends, and they were probably holding hands, is what I understand, during this, because they just really were close friends. There was a lot of youth and innocence in them." The grieving dad said he will miss his daughter' smile and goodheartedness. "She just found joy in life and that was just her," he said. A GoFundMe has been set up to help pay for the 12-year-old's funeral. The page read: I’m raising funds for my brother John and sister-in-law Amber, with the tragic sudden loss of their daughter Immaculee. She was struck and killed while walking with her friend Kathleen (who is in the hospital) just moments from home. The funds will help the family with funeral cost. Immaculee was a sweet and caring girl and sibling of 7 other children. They are members of St Joseph Catholic Church in Tacoma, WA. Prayers are welcome during this devastating time. God bless.



KIRO-TV reports that Olson's mother said she's expected to make a full recovery. Of the incident, she shared, “They were holding hands, walking down the road,” she said. “And the last thing Kathleen remembers her saying ‘we’re almost home.’ And then she didn’t know anything about the truck. She didn’t know it was coming. She doesn’t remember being struck. No, no. They were just walking along and the next thing she knows she’s seeing these faces in the ambulance.” Amber Goldade just wants justice for her daughter. “Just for him to turn himself in,” said Amber Goldade. “Or, if somebody knows something to turn him in.” 




The community offered their support and prayer at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Tacoma. "It was just unbelievable how many people came out to pray for us and just support us," John Goldade said. The family hopes the driver understands what they've done and will come forward. "I want this person to know that a lot of people are actually praying for him as well. If he's going to do anything right in this at all, he can bring a little peace to us by turning himself in," John Goldade said.

 Anyone with any information on the incident should call 800-222-TIPS. The Goldade family is also asking anyone with information to call the Pierce County Sheriff's Office at 253-798-3278.


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