'I Made This For Us': Heartbroken Little Girl Asks Mom Why She Threw Her Art In The Trash

'I Made This For Us': Heartbroken Little Girl Asks Mom Why She Threw Her Art In The Trash

The innocent child also claims that she made the drawing "for us."

Children love creating and expressing themselves in many ways to show their love. It's important for parents to show their kids some appreciation in return. But one little girl was heartbroken when she found her work of art thrown in the trash. Good News Movement uploaded the video taken by the little girl's mom recording her reaction. The video shows an adorable girl with a British accent running into a room while holding a crumbled piece of paper in her hands. "I found the picture in the bin," she tells her mother (who is taking the video) in an accusatory tone. The girl seems terribly upset as she tells her mother, "I made the picture for us." The girl's mother quickly apologizes, "I'm sorry."

"It must have been an accident," the mother explains. "I thought it was something else." The sweet little toddler is so hurt that she starts to tear up. She looks at the state of the crumpled paper before telling her mother "that's not kind." As her mother apologizes, she continues, "And also you ripped it." Her mother chuckles a bit at how sweet and innocent her daughter is and responds, "Did I? Sorry" The girl isn't buying her mother's apologies and tells her mother there'll be repercussions, "You're going to be in trouble now."

For obvious reasons, the video has since gone viral. The sweetness and genuine hurt in the girl's voice are so touching. Parents also could relate to the mom and mention that it's not always easy to save all works of art by their kids. The comments section of the post shared on Instagram by the Good News Movement received a ton of reactions. One person wrote: Poor baby..She needs a hug. Another said: It’s the British accent and “bin” for me. Another commented: It’s the… “Did I???” … for me. You know you did!  One advised: Thats why u must be mindful of the importance levels of children. Whats a level 1 to an adult is level 50 to a child. Another user wrote how important it was that her own mother would save her work as a child. Yet another shared: My mum kept every scrap of paper I scribbled on in boxes. Obviously she had no idea I’d grow up to be an artist. So grateful for her. casa_kennington noted: Oh my she will be calling mommy out many more times because very few things will slip by this smart cookie! Check the video out below!


One person questioned: All the mother say is she's sorry. That's kinda sad if you imagine that child absorbing internally that when you hurt someone's feelings, all you have to do say you're sorry and it's all good... Am I exaggerating? Another responded: We Brits tend to be quite straight forward, and don’t like to over exaggerate / animate our communications with people, including our children. Even if you listen to the child, she’s clearly pulling her mum up on this, but there’s no whining or whimpering. She’s speaking to her mum directly and with confidence. I think the mum is just being a normal mum tbh. I think it’d be cringe-worthy if she started doing the whole “ohhhh honnnnneyyyy, I’m soooo sorry. Did I hurt your feelinnnnngssss? Tell mommy how I can make it better” Lollll. That’s generally not the English / British way.

Sometimes something as simple as saying "I'm sorry" to your children can make a huge difference. Admitting you were wrong, accepting that you hurt them while promising that it won't happen again, and sticking to it will give your little one assurance while offering them empathy and a strong connection. What do you think?


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