Grocery Worker Literally Dances Away While A 'Karen' Refuses To Wear A Mask To Enter His Store

Grocery Worker Literally Dances Away While A 'Karen' Refuses To Wear A Mask To Enter His Store

She refused to wear one citing a medical condition and then threatened the store with a lawsuit.

Many Americans are using the excuse of 'freedom' to unnecessarily fight against COVID-19 regulations and risk the health of others. Selfishly, these 'covidiots' and Karens of the world are threatening people with lawsuits, criticizing them, and videotaping them for just doing their job. One such Karen was a Californian woman who accused grocery workers of not letting her in without a mark. According to the Daily Mail, she refused to wear a mask on the grounds of a medical condition. Shelley Lewis began arguing with the manager of the Gelson's Market branch in Orange County saying her shopping was 'private' when he offered to help buy her groceries since she couldn't come in without a mask. 



Claiming to be a victim, this is how her conversation with the staff went. "I have a medical condition that I'm not allowed to wear a mask," she said. "Can we shop for you?" The man named Ben asked her, to which she replied, "I have private things that I want to get that maybe I don't want you to see." She then accused the manager of 'discriminating' against her after he refused to let her in the store without a mask. She then threatened him with a lawsuit. "Well you guys are going to get a lawsuit because you can't discriminate," she said.  
The manager replied, "I'm trying to help you but I'm not going to argue with you." "How's that helping me?' she retorted. She was also shocked by the idea of handing him her 'private credit card' to take into the store to process.



Later, she sees the first grocery worker she talked to as he wipes down shopping trolleys outside the store while dancing to music. She tells him that he appears "chipper" He coolly replied that he is happy to have a job. "I'm a bartender and I wouldn't have a job were it not for Gelson's" he said. "I'm glad you guys think it's OK to infringe on people's rights here," the woman said dramatically.   The video ends after store manager Ben hands her a business card for her to call the corporate office. For those still unclear as to what a Karen is, the New York Post explains that a woman "who demands to speak to the manager when you feel you’ve been wronged? You just might be a 'Karen.'"

Lewis's social media profile states that she is a 'flat earther' and 'vegan chef' and is listed as a speaker at the 2019 Flat Earth International Conference. Uhm. OKAY. 
In her profile on the site, it says she "served in the Army for 5 years where she jumped out of airplanes and became a paratrooper." She said she was honorably discharged due to a medical condition.  Lewis may have tried to play the role of the victim in this scenario with her mystery medical condition but the real heroes in the video are the cool, calm store manager and the upbeat employee dancing while he disinfected the grocery carts. Nothing like a whiney Karen getting a good old dose of a grocery store working, doing his job, protecting people all the while entertaining himself and others in the face of ignorance masked as victimization. You go, dude! Here's what people on Twitter had to say to the story:























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