You Can Now Have A Sleepover With Horses At This Magical Place

You Can Now Have A Sleepover With Horses At This Magical Place

The sleepover experience allows you to interact with the horse, feed, and pet it from the comfort of your bed.

What would be a unique stay and getaway for you? One in a castle probably or a haunted house or at an idyllic private island? We won't deny each of these would be quite nice, but how about a luxurious stay with a horse as your roommate?  This is exactly what a farm stay in England is offering and it claims this is a one-of-a-kind experience not just in the UK but in the world. Called The Greenbank Farm Holidays in Cartmel Village, Cumbria, the stay that offers this unique experience calls it a "Luxury Stable Stay" that also promises "The Best Sleepover Ever!" according to its website. What's more, the horse that in this stable-cum-hotel room is not an ordinary one but which belongs to the Friesian and Shetland species, known for their grace and beauty. 



We, however, admit this is one stay that requires a guest to be an avid lover of horses or at the least, animals. The farm stay's website added, "For horse lovers of any age, spend time with one of our beautiful Friesian horses and share a self-catering stable for the night!" The facilities at this self-catering service include a room that has, "a double & single bunk bed." We recommend you bring along a friend or family member for this one. The more the merrier! The room will also come with a mini-kitchen, furnished with a fridge, a microwave, an "en-suite wet room with shower," and a "portable eco-toilet." Near you, your horse will also enjoy "a spacious stable with automatic water-feeder haynets, dinner, and breakfast buckets for you to feed them."



You just don't get to be with your roomie but can also touch and pet them as you like because the place has "a see-through room divider so you can you can wake up next to each other in the morning," the website stated. "From the top bunk bed you can stroke and chat to your hearts content and feed your horse treats such as carrots and polos - remember to get some sleep!." The stay will also provide "a luxury grooming kit" so that you get to know your "magnificent sleepover pal under the twinkling fairy lights." The Greenbank Farm Holidays has called the experience "truly magical" and one that can "only be dreamed about." The cost of staying with a horse comes to £250 (around $330) for a night. But for a true lover of horses, this price tag will probably seem like nothing. Go ahead make this dream come true. 


Bookings can be made by contacting tracey@blackhorses.co.uk. These stays will be organized depending on the availability of horses. The stay is organized in association with another company called The Fresian Experience, and bookings can be made through their website as well. In addition to the farm stay, the place, in association with Black Horses Ltd., can also organize all kinds of experiences for riders and non-riders. One also has the option to rent a 7-bedroom cottage for a regular stay. Located on 70 acres of private land and near the UNESCO World Heritage site, the stay also offers "exclusive access to your own secluded woodland and public free footpaths, along with a wonderful 7-seat hot tub to relax and have fun in."

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