Boy Starts Lawnmowing Business To Cover Adoption Costs For Him And His Brother

Boy Starts Lawnmowing Business To Cover Adoption Costs For Him And His Brother

14-year-old Tyce Pender took a business loan from his mother to open a lawnmowing business.

Tyce Pender from Cayce, South Carolina has started a lawnmowing business to collect funds so his stepfather can adopt him and his elder brother. The stepfather, Eric Jenkins has been in Pender’s life since he can remember. He started dating his mother, Marcy, in 2010 and proposed to her four years later. "He's been a father figure to me since I was 2," Tyce told TODAY. "He's always been there for us and helps me with anything I need like homework."


Initially, the teen had posted a message on the Facebook Community asking to hire him but had no luck with jobs because there weren’t any places that would hire someone so young, WLTX reported. Unperturbed by this, he decided to turn entrepreneur. "I used to cut grass with my oldest brother, and so I thought... I could just cut grasses," Tyce said. Jayden, 21, his older brother used to mow lawns to earn some income. Pender took inspiration from this and decided to start his own lawnmowing business. 


He asked for a business loan from his mother and gathered the materials required to set up the business. Once he had done so, he put up a message on his Facebook page opening his services up to the people in the community. The post went viral with many seeking his help to tend to their lawns. The post has over 100 shares, 150 likes and 100 replies. The young business owner said, “Right now, I have seven people signed up. Three of those are already booked and two are getting quotes from me.” 


He had lawn appointments set up within a week. One of those appointments was at Sarah Larabee’s lawn in West Columbia. Even though he had only used the lawnmower once before, his customers, like Sarah, are happy with his work. Speaking highly of Tyce she recounts, “It went so well, he was such a sweet kid, so polite and like just so happy to be there and excited to have his first job, and it was just so sweet.” The teen doesn’t have strict pricing for his services and is willing to negotiate based on what customers can afford. As summer starts, he is hoping to cover more ground with his lawnmowing business. 


Tyce plans to continue this business all through high school and earn enough money to save up for the purpose he started the business. The family now has a pro bono lawyer who is helping them with the adoption process for Tyce and Tylee, 15, his older brother. Even though they’ve found a good lawyer, the cost incurred is high, this is where the considerate efforts of Tyce become important.


Tylee and Tierrianna, 14, his stepsister all want this adoption to happen. “This is important because Eric teaches me respect, independence and what a man is supposed to be,” he explains. "If anything ever happens to my mom, Eric is who I'd want to live with.” This became the catalyst for him to contribute to the adoption process, “Court is expensive,” said Tyce. “I thought I could make enough money to pay for the adoption.”



His stepfather, Eric Jenkins, 36, was touched by his sentiment to contribute. “Caring for Tyce is my job,” he said. “His heart is in the right place.” Marcy Jenkins agrees and says, “It's a powerful thing that Tyce wants to give this recognition (to his stepfather).” On June 17, 2022, when the teen was mowing a yard, The City of Cayce presented him with a business license. He writes in the post, “I am a real business owner at 14. This is big to me. There's a lot that's gone on since this time last month, so many people to thank, and I can't wait to share more good stuff.” 


People looking to avail the services of Tyce & Company Lawn Service can check out his Facebook post linked here or can schedule him at 803-608-3166. 

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