Boy, 12, Riding Bike To Sell Food Gets Slapped And Shoved By Bullies Who Film The Whole Incident

Boy, 12, Riding Bike To Sell Food Gets Slapped And Shoved By Bullies Who Film The Whole Incident

This boy gets brutally bullied and assualted in the middle of the road by a group of miscreants.

Trigger warning: This story contains graphic descriptions of bullying and violence against a minor that readers may find disturbing. 

Bullying is one of the worst examples of the many terrible tendencies humanity has had the displeasure of enduring. It is often at its rampant best across adolescence and early adulthood with some cases spilling over into adulthood. The act of bullying causes significant distress in the victim as it leaves lasting impressions on their mental health. A recent viral video shared on Twitter depicts the case of a poor boy being taunted, shoved, and slapped by a bunch of miscreant kids and reveals to us the horrible nature of bullying. The video shot by the abusers themselves sees the boy being physically abused before being shoved down to the ground with a backdrop of the gang laughing uncontrollably. 


According to Indozone, the incident occurred in Bonto Bonto, Ma'rang District, Pangkajene Kepulauan Regency, South Sulawesi in Indonesia and the victim of this infuriating act is reportedly a fried food seller within the region. The 44-second video starts with the perpetrator caught in the act of ambushing the boy while he is on his bicycle possibly on a commute to deliver a fresh batch of food. However, as he is blocked off by the perpetrator, he loses control and falls over onto a grassy patch of land a few meters ahead. The boy with the camera and several of the bully's friends could be seen standing around bawling in laughter.


In the next clip, the boy, clad in orange and navy blue t-shirt and shorts manages to regain balance and gets back on his feet. This time his ordeal only gets worse as he is continuously poked and prodded by the bully while his bicycle is down on the road. In a fit of rage, the boy retaliates by bending the number plate on the bully's moped and enrages him. He then gets slapped by the older boy before being wrestled down on to the pavement nearby. "Fried seller in Pangkep Bonto-Bonto at this bully, I'm really sad watching it", Twitter user Maunyapa_ said posting the video. The post which has since been taken off Facebook had received more than 186k shares while the Twitter video has been viewed more than 11.7k times thus far with users across platforms urging strong action be taken against the disgraceful teens for their untoward behavior.


Use Anna Nightsky wrote: "This broke my heart as he reminds me of my youngest brother. Sending love from Malaysia. May Allah put you in his blessings. I hope those kids were punished accordingly." Akmazhaar wrote. "It really breaks my heart. My tears drop..feel like my own brother being bullied like this". "Really made me cry...I want to give this young victim a hug...", another user named Isha wrote. Thankfully, all the outrage on social media hasn't gone unnoticed as the local authorities jumped into action to bring the perpetrators to justice. According to Ma'rang Police Chief, Ipda Sofyan, the abuser named Firdaus (26) was arrested on Monday while the victim, who's only been known with the initials RZ (12) has received protection from the police. During the commotion, however, the boy has sustained a small injury to his hand.


"Because the video was viral, that’s why many residents and the victim’s family also came to Mako. So we asked that the perpetrators be taken to the Pangkep Regional Police Station for further processing," the Chief said. The 12-year-old victim's case has seen a happy ending after a local organization chipped in to buy him a brand new bicycle which he can now use to continue with his joy rides and delighting his local neighbors with fried food delicacies.


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