You Can Now Get Banana Succulents And They Look Just Like The Fruit

You Can Now Get Banana Succulents And They Look Just Like The Fruit

The banana succulents are native to South Africa where some people even make them part of their diet.

Succulents are such a rage you can find them in all shapes, colors, and sizes and the best part is they add a high-aesthetic value to your home decor. So far, we've seen Rose succulents, Ruby succulents, and Dolphin succulents, and now, there's one weird and wacky succulent to add to the mix - the string of Banana Succulent. The plant is named as such because it looks ready to grow a string of bananas. The stems are thicker, they grow fast and can spread around fast as well. They don't dry out like most others either so it's very easy to keep them alive, reports Totally The Bomb. The highlight of the plant is it grows leaves shaped like bananas and they look the very same color before they turn ripe.


The String of Bananas belongs to the Senecio family and is a low-maintenance plant that ideally grows in sunny windows. According to TheSucculentSource, it is a slow-growing variety that can grow to several feet in length when provided with a little love and patience, even in the middle of your busy bee schedule. Caring for them is pretty peaceful too as they require partial light and partial shade with watering only required when the soil is very dry to the touch. While it doesn't necessarily require complete care, going that extra bit to give it your attention will make them grow relatively faster. Stems of the plant are known to grow to over three feet in length and can creep along the ground or from a hanging container. Each banana-shaped leaf measures just over an inch in length and has a small translucent crescent that acts as a window into the leaf. This allows more sunlight into the leaf to allow for the right levels of photosynthesis.


Another interesting tidbit about this plant is that it is native to South Africa with its presence recorded in the Cape Province area. In fact, the plant is also edible and is commonly eaten by the Khoi-khoin people of the country, according to Sublime Succulent. In case you are looking to purchase them, you will find them on Etsy or any of your local gardening stores on online establishments like youngsgardenshop. For those looking out for other unique succulents, you can always try the dolphin variants which look as unique and magical as it sounds. Also known as Senecio Peregrinus, this adorable plant has been lovingly nicknamed after our aquatic mammal friend for a very simple reason. Their tiny leaves look exactly like jumping dolphins! Each leaf is shaped like a crescent moon with itty bitty "fins" protruding out.


With this in your room, you can have strings of tiny green dolphins leaping into the air in all directions. It's not hard to see why people, myself included, are so obsessed with these cute plants. I might just devote my entire life to keeping these alive if I had them! According to the Instagram account, It's A Succulent World, the dolphin succulents are actually a hybrid of the Hot Dog Cactus (Senecio articulatus) and the String Of Pearls vine (Senecio rowleyanus).  Another succulent you could get your hands on are the rose variants which again will be a refreshing aesthetic to your indoors. Botanically referred to as Aeonium dodrantale or Greenovia dodrantalis, this evergreen, perennial succulent features densely packed leaves that resemble the layered petals of a rose in bloom, and look like something straight out of a fairytale. Native to the Canary Islands in Spain, the Mountain Rose grows as stemless rosettes typically in clusters, giving off the appearance of a natural bouquet of roses. Forget roses that wilt away after a few days, the Greenovia dodrantalis is your answer to a year-round bouquet in your garden.






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