Art Teacher Tells 6-Year-Old She Painted A Picture 'Wrong', Others Are Calling It A Masterpiece

Art Teacher Tells 6-Year-Old She Painted A Picture 'Wrong', Others Are Calling It A Masterpiece

The heartbroken girl's mom took to Twitter to share the picture and was flooded with positive messages.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, is it not? When it comes to art, it's a form of self-expression, so how can it ever be "wrong"? Especially when it comes from young children who are just discovering their capabilities. Shouldn't we be encouraging that, instead of categorizing art into "good" and "bad" or "right" and "wrong"? One teacher told a clearly talented 6-year-old that she had painted a picture "wrong". The toddler was left heartbroken. Her mom took to Twitter to ask what the Internet thought of the little girl's painting. . Twitter user Gemma Leighton wrote: My 6-year-old daughter painted this amazing scene. Her art teacher told her she had done it wrong?! You can’t do art wrong! She was so upset as art is her favourite thing to do. The 6-year-old student's art piece went viral! The painting featured a tree-lined path leading to what seems to be either sunset or sunrise on the horizon. Many artists on Twitter chimed in to say that the painting was a masterpiece. There's a lot of expression and perspective in the artwork, they claimed, which is saying a lot because the artist is only 6-years-old!  The girl's mother went on to ask, “Can you please show Edie some support and like her painting?” And the response has been positively overwhelming. Have a look!








The response to Edie's painting has been so massive that "Edie" even began trending on Thursday morning! "Honestly, I am absolutely blown away from all the amazing positive comments about Edie's painting," Gemma responded, according to Too Fab. "I wasn't expecting such a response! Thank you to all of you who have liked and left comments. You have made one little 6-year-old very happy indeed."












Many Internet uses highlighted the drawback of an authority figure dampening a child's spirit and calling their means of expression "wrong" or not good enough. Edie's mom responded saying, "I am hearing from quite a lot of people with similar stories that a mean art teacher put out their creative fire.. It's so sad.. I am so thankful for everyone's comments because it's given my little girl such a boost in confidence with her art."











For those who'd like to follow the 6-year-old's work, go here. You can even purchase the painting here. Prints are priced at £12 Inc. P&P with proceeds going to @createcharity.







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