Prince Harry And Meghan Markle's Son Archie Turns 2, And They Share A New Birthday Photo Of Him

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle's Son Archie Turns 2, And They Share A New Birthday Photo Of Him

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are advocating for vaccine equity to mark their son's second birthday. Archie also was wished by the royal family on his birthday.

Royal baby Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor turned two on May 6, 2021, and parents Harry and Meghan celebrated his birthday by sharing a message on their Archewell website, thanking everyone for their birthday wishes. The couple also released a new picture of the soon-to-be big brother from behind, holding a bunch of balloons. The message the couple shared urged well-wishers to donate just $5 as it will be able to cover someone's vaccination cost. "We have been deeply touched over the past two years to feel the warmth and support for our family in honor of Archie’s birthday," the message starts.




"Many of you donate to charities on his behalf and mark the occasion by giving back or doing an act of service—all through the goodness of your hearts. You raise funds for those who need it most and continue to do so organically and selflessly. We remain incredibly grateful. This year, our world continues to be on the path to recovery from COVID-19.  As of today, around 80 percent of the nearly one billion COVID-19 vaccine shots that have been given were administered in wealthier countries. We will not be able to truly recover until everyone, everywhere, has equal access to the vaccine."




They also spoke about how vaccine distribution is yet to start in developing countries, while some places are on the verge of healing. "And with that intention, we are inviting you to contribute whatever you can—if you have the means to do so—to bring vaccines to families in the world’s most vulnerable places.  For a donation of just $5, you can cover the cost of a dose for someone in need. And because we were able to secure matching support from a number of organizations, that $5 you give will automatically turn into $20—covering the cost of four doses." It might be a small amount for those who can spare it, but it translates to a fully vaccinated population. 




"Every single dollar counts—not only will it help save lives but it will help save families and communities. We cannot think of a more resonant way to honor our son’s birthday." The couple then added that if all of us show up to lend a helping hand to both people we know and don't know, it can have a profound impact, as even the smallest of contribution can have a ripple effect. "Together, we can uplift, protect, and care for one another." According to USA Today, the couple's rep in the US has declined to comment on details of the private birthday celebrations for Archie. However, since California still has a lot of restrictions in place, an indoor party seems unlikely. 




Also, despite the awkwardness, the Royal Family did wish Archie a happy birthday through their official Twitter account, reports CNN. A picture of Meghan and Harry holding onto baby Archie taken shortly after his birth, along with the message: "Wishing Archie Mountbatten-Windsor a very happy 2nd birthday today." William, Kate, and Prince Charles also shared images of them with baby Archie, wishing him well on his birthday. Earlier this week, Meghan revealed that she's written a children's book, titled "The Bench", inspired by Harry and Archie. The couple also mentioned that they were "overjoyed" to be expecting their second child.



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