Dick Van Dyke Makes A Rare Appearance In Los Angeles And Looks Cheerful At 96

Dick Van Dyke Makes A Rare Appearance In Los Angeles And Looks Cheerful At 96

In a rare appearance, the actor commented on his plans for Father's Day and made the reporters laugh.

Dick Van Dyke, 96, has often been called age-defying, because of his spry attitude and invigorating smile. He was recently seen in a chipper mood in Los Angeles, California coming out of a restaurant with a friend on June 16, 2022. 
When asked about his plans for Father's Day, the Mary Poppins gleefully replied: "I'm just glad to still be here." Van Dyke has four kids and seven grandchildren with his ex-wife Margie Willett. Presently, the musical icon is married to 50-year-old Arlene Silver. A month earlier, he was seen coming out of a restaurant in Malibu with Silver after completing a fitness class nearby. 


Van Dyke, who has had an illustrious career, is only missing an Oscar to complete his EGOT title. Talking about his career, the legend said that he's just been doing what he loves and that is the secret to staying young all these years. He had also served in the military during the second world war. Since his pubic appearances have become rare now, journalists were excited to see him and engage with his humor this month, METRO reported. Last month's appearance with his wife, showed the actor in a "Spoonful of Sugar" t-shirt. This time, when the reporter asked him about Father's Day, Van Dyke said: "Oh my god, is that on Sunday, this Sunday?" The Chitty Chitty Bang Bang star then exclaimed: "Oh jeez" 


On Valentine's day this year, Silver shared a video showing Van Dyke dancing with his 46 years younger wife. The video featured a cover of the 1958 Doris Day song "Everybody Loves a Lover" performed by Arlene & the Vantastix, her spouse's band. The couple adorably dancing and performing for the camera impressed many fans. Their chemistry and zeal were palpable through the screen. The fact that Van Dyke performed a dance number in Mary Poppins along with Emily Blunt, the titular character, and Lin-Manuel Miranda, the Hamilton sensation shows how he can clearly keep up with the younguns.


Gushing over him, Miranda said: "Dick has more energy than I will ever have in my life, and it's incredible. It's humiliating, and it's awesome!" His conversations while filming didn't center around Mary Poppins but rather another project of Van Dyke's that he couldn't get over, Closer Weekly reported. "I mainly talked to Dick about [his Tony-winning 1960 turn in] Bye Bye Birdie, because I played Conrad Birdie in 6th grade, so we talked a lot of song and dance," he said.


According to PEOPLE, Van Dyke made his first film/television appearance in 2019 as a Golden Globe Presenter. The star went alongside Emily Blunt to provide an intro for the film which was nominated for Best motion picture, comedy or musical. At the time, he talked about the process of doing Mary Poppins Returns, saying: "I get a really good job every 50 years or so. I didn't get to come down a chimney, but the new movie is very, very good. Very different from the original Mary Poppins but times change in 50 years and so do I." Recounting how he got to dance over a desk and do a dance number, Van Dyke said it made him happy that he could contribute something to the remake with a little tinge of the original in it. 


The energy Miranda speaks of has a very specific secret, as Van Dyke revealed: "I just love what I do. I've been one of those lucky people that got to do something for a living that he would have done for nothing. That's why I'm still here tonight. They can't get me off the stage."

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