Nine-Months Pregnant Woman Raped By Masseur During Pre-Natal Massage In Kentucky

Nine-Months Pregnant Woman Raped By Masseur During Pre-Natal Massage In Kentucky

The unidentified woman claimed that the incident unfolded in the Rest Assured Massage and Spa in Lexington on July 22.

Trigger Warning: This story contains graphic details of rape that readers may find disturbing

A 9-month pregnant woman in Kentucky was allegedly raped by a masseur during a prenatal rubdown. The distressing incident allegedly unfolded in the Rest Assured Massage and Spa in Lexington on July 22, where the victim had booked a $95 per hour prenatal massage, according to Daily Mail. Recalling the shocking assault, the heavily pregnant woman told officers that she had arrived at the spa for her first appointment around 3:15 p.m. and found no one there except for Issac. Everything was fine initially but after the regular massage was done, Isaacs directed the woman, who was not identified, to stand up and place her stomach on the table so he could work on her back, reports New York Post.


The next thing she knew, he forcefully grabbed her wrists from behind and started allegedly raping her, revealing the arrest warrant. The appalling attack only lasted minutes after which Isaacs left the room leaving the mom-to-be alone in the spa. She finally left the spa around 5:30 p.m. Later the Berea-resident told cops that he did rape the woman, who was nearly nine months pregnant and was due to have a baby soon. The report did not state whether the woman has since given birth to her child or not. Isaacs also noted that it was the first time he had had sex with a client, per the arrest warrant. 

On October 12, the Madison County Sheriff's Office arrested 30-year-old Masseur Tyler Isaacs after charging him with first-degree rape, according to the Richmond Register. He was taken to the Madison County Detention Center but was released the following day. Per New York Post, it wasn't revealed whether he go bail or if he had other release restrictions. When the outlet reached out to the spa's owner, she reacted angrily yelling, "Who cares? He doesn’t work here no more." On being reminded that the alleged attack happened to one of her clients at her own spa, she repeated, "Who cares?" The woman, who did not identify herself, hung up the call saying, "Don't call here no more. 

Just last month, a 24-year-old pregnant woman was gang-raped by at least three people in the Indian state of Bihar, according to News18. The woman, who was not identified, was reportedly abducted while she was walking on the road in front of her home in the state's capital Patna late evening. City police later found her lying on the railway tracks near the Patna junction in an unconscious state. Officials of Government Railway Police (GRP) stationed there immediately rushed her to the hospital. "We had received information about a woman lying in an unconscious condition on the tracks," said a senior officer stationed at the GRP.



"On gaining her consciousness, she told the police that she was abducted by the three people while she was strolling outside her house around 10 p.m. We lodged a zero FIR and then forwarded the case to Patna women police station. We have also arrested two persons in connection with the case," he added. The woman, whose husband works in a petroleum company, shared that she was walking in front of her house after dinner when "two youths started harassing her. On resisting, the third youth gagged her mouth and they abducted her," revealed the officer. Explaining the reason why she could not raise alarm, the victim said, "I don’t know what the three forced me to smell. I couldn’t move or cry for help while the three were violating my body."

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