6 Reasons Why Living A Simple Life Makes You A Happy Person

6 Reasons Why Living A Simple Life Makes You A Happy Person

We live in a consumerist society whose cultural messaging is to ask for more. Rejecting this messaging has a number of benefits.

Living a simple life seems at odds with the way we have been conditioned to think and function. After all, right from the time we were kids, society tells us to work solely on one goal - earn a living rather than living a wholesome life. Consumerism surrounds us at every corner and feeds us messages that are against the simple life of fewer wants and needs. Living the good life of plenty and opulence is what people are most crazed about. This is the path that is further magnified in an age when people put their whole lives on social media. It's no wonder that the lives of celebrities and stars of the world of movies, music, and sports as well as entrepreneurs and owners of tech companies are considered the epitome of human achievement and one to be desired. But, is it really?

The truth is that making your life simpler makes it happier. The less and enough material wealth you have to worry about, the more time you have to spend with your loved ones, watch your kids and parents grow old together, and enjoy your life you worked so hard for. So, here are some reasons why leading a simple life makes you a happier person. 

1.  Looking inward helps you understand yourself better 

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Looking inward is something that people rarely have time to do these days. Study, get a job, then marry and the list does not seem to end. In all this rush, there is hardly any time for oneself. In between all of this, you offer yourself an artificial stimulant in the form of various distractions - be it social media, movie binges, porn, online shopping. The effect of all this is short and they soon wear off. Why even hanker for things that can be bought with money and instead concentrate on things that really matter? Studies have shown, having less and not chasing after materialistic pursuits can make you happy.       

2. You will have more money saved

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The equation is straightforward. If you want less, you will also spend less. Many people spend their money on getting things like a $5 coffee from Starbucks or eating out many times a week. However, you can cut back on all these expenses if you just choose to eat at home more often or to make your own coffee. You could save hundreds and thousands of dollars just making some of these changes. Since money is the main concern of the modern world, why not cut out activities that lead to unnecessary spending?

3. Your relationships will improve

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Keeping yourself off of modern distractions such as social media and the aspiration to constantly acquire material possessions can remarkably improve human bonds. A simple life will help one concentrate on relationships whether it be those with one's family, friends, or one's partner. We understand that money is important. After all, how can you be happy if you don't have money to put food on the table. However, the problem is if your desire is excessive. A life of chasing money and materials aren't personally fulfilling - especially if you have missed being a part of your children's lives or foregone building healthy relationships.  


4. You can lead a healthy life

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There is a direct correlation between the modern stresses of life such as the pressure of earning a high salary, owning a house, or a car to one's mental and physical health. The failure to live up to society's expectations could end up making you feel worthless. Trying to live a life of wants is also associated with high incidences of vices such as smoking, alcohol abuse, and drugs. Even if you did manage to climb up the ladder and finally achieve all your worldly goals, there is always the fear of trying to hold on to all these things and a particular lifestyle. Studies have shown cutting down on your material possessions and going back to a life of less improves all-around health. 

5. A simple life is a life of focus

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With your mind set on a life devoid of material things, you can focus on things that really matter. Your mind will be free of clutter. You can finally follow your interests -  interests, and hobbies that really made you happy but could not pursue because you were too busy in the rate race. Or you could work on your strained relationship with kids or your partner - emotional bonds are often a casualty of constant hankering for money. 

6. You can be one with the environment and help it's healing

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One just needs to look at the erratic weather to know that climate change is real. Scientists have put out many studies about the extinction of many species of animals in our lifetime, the melting of the polar ice caps, the rapid increase in the temperatures. How have we all come to this point? It's only because of man's desire for more. This translates into nations wanting more and putting more stress on earth for its resources. However, each person can play their part by simply cutting back on their life of excess. Imagine a world where everyone does this for the sake of the earth? We will be on the right track to save our planet. 

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