Rare 1970s Volkswagen Beetles Converted Into RV Hybrids Called "Bug Campers" Is The Cutest Thing Ever

Rare 1970s Volkswagen Beetles Converted Into RV Hybrids Called "Bug Campers" Is The Cutest Thing Ever

"Super Bugger" (or a bug camper) is a cross between an RV and a Bettle which came into existence back in the 1970s.

Volkswagen, the German motor vehicle manufacturer, is famously known for its Beetle. The iconic curvy car was actually the first model produced back in the 1930s by the company. For the founders, i.e. the German Labour Front, this vehicle was so inexpensive and efficient, that a regular car owner could afford to buy one for their family. What's more intriguing is that Volkswagen means the "people's car" in German. Over the years, the Beetle has been updated keeping up with the improved and refined automobile technology today. That being said, the company made sure that the shape of the car remained the same. After all, it was their flagship car. 

Image source: Reddit


Once upon a time, Beetles became a common sight on the North American roads as nuclear families purchased them as a second car, owing to the great mileage and compact size. By the 1970s, car owners began experimenting with the practical functions of the car. They were pushing the vehicle's limits by removing it from city streets and driving it off the road. This is when the "Super Bugger" (a bug camper) came into existence. Per reports, it was a cross between an RV and a Bettle which survived the test of time as it even exists today. It was a third-party company that came up with the idea of a Supper Bugger, which they constructed and sold for $6,000 back in 1975.


Using fiberglass paneling, they managed to build a small living space behind the two front seats. Today, a couple still owns one of these rare beauties and they displayed their Volkswagen Beetle camper during a car show in 2016. Inside the camper is a tiny interior with a modest kitchen but no space for a bed. This vehicle is perfect for those who prefer to sleep under the stars but also require some convenience while on long cross-country trips. Keith Spelrum and his wife Glenna are extremely proud of their air-cooled show stopper. Apparently, not many can figure out what car it is as Keith explained, "nobody ever know what it is and some guess it’s a Westphalia," according to My Star Collection.



The most common question that the pair keep getting is "How fast does it go, did you build it, and do you camp in it?" Answering some of the technical questions, Keith said that the Beetle has a 1600cc dual port engine and is able to maintain 50-55 mph on the highway. The couple seldom uses the car as a camper but more as a conversation starter as they love talking to people who are immediately drawn to the vehicle. While the bug camper may not be something that kids of this generation would want to own, but it sure is a great icebreaker for the older generation who simply love the iconic Beetle. 



When the image of the unusual camper was posted on Reddit people were pleasantly surprised. "That is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for finding it. That would have been nuts to own in highschool/college," wrote one user. Another noted, "My goal in life for the past 15 years have been to be able to afford an old beetle, and now you've added another thing I need. Damnit." A third recalled, "I remember my dad showing me a picture and telling my about building one of these with his brother. Until now I genuinely thought they'd created the idea."


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